Why do we choose stop at barriers to a purposeful and meaningful life? The answer seems like it may seem obvious as a barrier typically implies that we must stop there, but if we take a deeper look at the question, what is it that stops us when a barrier is encountered the reality is we stop our selves as the barrier is approached. This makes sense because forceful collision is rarely a sustainable solution to getting through Barriers, but this is were we run into a problem. Too often we encounter a barrier slow and eventually stop short of the barrier, without even applying any pressure to it, and say our self “I guess that’s as far as I can go”

I’m reminded of an experience in high school, I had a friend that had driven his car on to a wide sidewalk, I can’t remember why, and I was bewildered that he was able to do that. I thought “the curb is too rigid you can’t drive over that”. I mentioned this to my friend positive that there was a driveway somewhere that he use to get on to this side walk. The reality was he encountered the barriers slowly enough that he was able to simple drive up onto the side walk as he needed.

The analogy parallels our lives to often we see a barrier as impassible because we can’t continue through it in the way we drive normally, but if we simply begin with a simple pressure on the barriers we may find that we continue to make progress so long as we don’t take too much too quickly.

Discerning Light

Welcome everyone, I have for many years been interested in the properties of light ever since my high school science class and I began to try to understand it’s complexities. I love the penetrating nature of light and how it can be used as a metaphor for support and healing.

I know that it is all too common that we become lost in this world due to pain, depression, and loss. We often lose sight of the light that we need to guide us forward. There is hope the light is there even if it is small. As we look for it we become sensitive to it, and are able to discern or notice the small things that will increase the light in our lives. It is my hope that everyone can increase the light in their life through purpose and meaning.